Talent Acquisition

Efficient and cost-effective way to scale your organization with a pool of highly talented individuals who deliver the services you need.

Onsite versus Offsite presence

Our Netchannels freelance contractors sit in your office and work side-by-side with your department or work from their own virtual office.

Part Time versus Full Time

Many clients realize that executing programs is not always a full-time job. Yet, should they hire their own staff they would need to commit to a permanent employment. We let you choose how many hours per week you need or we deliver the work on a project-basis.

Level of Experience and Diversity

Our pool of talents ranges from delivering in-depth knowledge in very specific fields to simple administrative functions. No job is too small. Our talents come from all over the USA and have a very diverse background. We do not recruit just from one small pool but we ensure that we reach a varied source of professional to bring diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

Contingent Workforce or Direct Hires

We strive to provide the talent you need when and how you need it. Some clients prefer to simply go wiht a staff augmentation while other clients want Netchannels to manage the entire hiring process from selection, to interviews, validation of skills, background checks all the way to you performing the final cultural fit interview.

Rather than filling out a form, contact us at: recruiter@netchannels.com so we can meet and discuss your needs. We can then assess what best model will fit your needs: managed services, direct hire, or an hybrid of the two.

Contingent Workforce: the New Era of Talents

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