The Benefits of Working for Netchannels

At Netchannels, we value differences. We believe that success is achieved by pulling together all talents from all sources. We also believe that each and every single one of us can change the World.

We help our employees pay down their student debt

We make direct contributions to our employees’ student loans so they can shed the burden and the stress of student debt even faster.

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Join the New Era of Giving

We have implemented a Philanthropy platform to empower all Netchannels employees to make a difference in their community.

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Employee Testimonials

Netchannels is a great company to work for! Catrine Charron is a wonderful person, reliable manager and positive mentor. She sincerely has employees’ and clients’ best interests at heart. She has been a strong advocate from the start, and continues to support me both professionally and personally. Additionally, as a new father, job security has been paramount for my family in 2020. Despite a global pandemic and unprecedented change, my job security and career advancement have never been a concern. In fact, the team continues to thrive and grow. I’m proud to be part of the Netchannels family and highly recommend it for anyone seeking new opportunities!

– Derek Erikson

After taking a year off to take care of a family matter, Netchannels helped me to land a contracting position. When I was ready to return to the job market, I was questioned about the long break but Netchannels understood and appreciated my skill set and experience to find me a perfect job to regain confidence get back to the workforce. I learned a lot from the position I took with Netchannels such as SFDC, Sales Operations process, the Smartsheet tool. I enjoy working for Netchannels and I look forward to having a long working relationship with the firm.”

– Yunhee Dixon

Netchannels is a most powerful mentor. Shortly before starting to work with the company, I had moved from Germany to the US. Corporate American culture was unfamiliar to me. Netchannels prepared me successfully for the interview and coached me through the arising challenges with the new role. What I appreciated most was the generous and insightful advice I always received when running into uncertainty. Furthermore, when the policies of the client I worked for changed and my contract was in jeopardy, Netchannels went to bat for me. Working with Netchannels was one of the best professional decisions I made in a 34-year career. Even though I decided to take an employee position after contracting with Netchannels for 6 years, I consider my time with them as the ‘kick-off’ for my successful career in the United States.”

– Susanne Cubbage

The Netchannels team recognized my potential even though I had no experience in high-tech. They helped me create a personal brand and recognized how my past skills related to the skills necessary for my desired position in marketing. Without my time working with Netchannels I would not have been able to build relationships within my company and land a FTE position.”

– Lindsay Galeste

Netchannels helped further my career by giving me the chance to work for a top company. The job I took with Netchannels was exactly what I was looking for at that point in my life when not many companies were hiring. The position was a great blend of my previous experience in addition to gaining new skills. These new skills have opened-up many new possibilities that now allow me to thrive in the workplace as well as bring happiness in my personal life. Thank you Netchannels!”

– Robert Trevino

After taking a break in my career to raise my children, I decided to go back to the corporate world. Netchannels offered me a life changing opportunity. The position of Project Analyst was a perfect fit for me, especially since I had originally been pushing my career in that direction. It was a reach through, given the many years of pause in my career. I knew I had the capacity, knew I wanted to work, but I definitely needed to be brought up-to-speed. Thanks to Netchannels, my jumpstart back into the workforce began in a high intensity, extremely busy, mind draining, cutting edge, serious group. Sink or swim. The position challenged me to my core in order to get up to speed, get on board, be a productive coworker in the group, but I did it.

Netchannels believed in my past experience, acknowledged me as a capable, intelligent human being, even though I had a lapse in my career. Netchannels gave me back my confidence, gave me the chance to come back to the workforce and improve my communications, technical, and business skills. Netchannels gave me the opportunity to comfortably send my children to college making me a viable professional with marketable skills that are up to speed with today’s work opportunities.”

– Kelly Guidi

I was at a transition-point in my career, wanting to expand my experience and investigate new opportunities when Netchannels provided me with a platform to explore different roles and trusted me to take on new responsibilities. This led me to a new career path and a full-time corporate role that has allowed me to greatly expand my marketing proficiency.”

– Deborah Porchivina

A driver of the new modern workforce and women in technology, Netchannels tops the list for forward-thinking companies. They’ve been an excellent partner, connecting me with exciting opportunities that continue to leverage my senior marketing expertise. As a digital marketing consultant in entertainment and startups, my unique background is a plus as they strive to build diverse and talented teams.”

– Joanne Marzan

Netchannels were able to provide valuable insight into available opportunities since Catrine has so many industry contacts. One role in particular was very appealing to me, and I was grateful for the interview coaching and the advice and guidance on such things as resume preparation. Once I landed the contract position, the on-boarding was super-efficient and super-fast. Thank you!”

– Peter Granger

Netchannels is all about connecting people and providing equal opportunity employment. I have been working for Netchannels for over 4 years. Through Netchannels I have gotten the inside track to jobs in the high tech community that I would have never be able to find on my own. The work has been challenging and rewarding. Teamwork is a practiced value, not just words.

I have been laid off 3 times in the last 6 years after a 20-year career in high tech. I am eminently qualified, but am an “older employee”. Through Netchannels, I have had no career gaps as work was found for me right away that capitalized on my skills. They are flexible and have worked with me over the years in several capacities – full-time, part-time, 6 months off and return to work and even work on 2 contracts at once!

Working remotely has never been an issue. Nor has flexibility in hours and time off for family events.Depending on the contractual arrangement, Netchannels even helped me to get group health insurance.”

– Margaret Johnston

After investing twelve years of my professional career in a company I essentially helped build, the company was sold, and my role as a key player within the organization was dissolved. Feeling a little lost as to “what to do next” and “how to package” my MBA degree and professional career experience, I was introduced to NetChannels. NetChannels understood the value I brought to the table, and was able to help introduce me to a new industry and new opportunities where my expertise fit — and more importantly, with opportunities that fit me. “

– Vicki Brian

Netchannels was a key link to reentering the workforce and getting back on a career path after being a stay at home Mom for over 15 years. Netchannels took the time to understand my background and my particular skills to place me in a role that was challenging yet a good fit for reentering the workforce. As a result of this opportunity, I was able to acclimate to new technologies, understand the work culture and get prepared for new opportunities. Netchannels helped me and they can help you too!”

– Danielle Haberstroh

I was very pleased and excited when I learned about Netchannels. This agency and the owner/founder, Catrine Charron is exceptional and really works to support the strong women who contract through her company. She cares about women in high tech and holds networking luncheons to help build new and existing relationships. I have met many intelligent and ambitious women who are well regarded in their field. Some of these women have re-invented themselves and taking on new careers or embarking new businesses for themselves and their vision. This is inspiring and motivating not only for myself but for other women who should believe in themselves and think about their current and future career paths.

I have been working in a contractor role for 6 months with Netchannels and the onboarding was efficient and seamless. I used to be hesitant to take on a ‘contractor’ opportunity but now with this experience with Netchannels and the potential opportunities that are available, I look forward to my next one. Thank you Netchannels for stepping in and providing me with thoughtful guidance, networking opportunities, and empowering me to take charge of my career and interests.”

– Nina Martinez

I feel very blessed to have found Netchannels! The position I took set me on a new path that re-started my career and provided me with an excellent opportunity to grow and learn with some of the best in the industry. Getting a full-time position at a great company was an added bonus. Netchannels was my jackpot and it changed my life!”

– Sharon Vaughan

After years in the non-profit sector, I was not having any success breaking back into the tech industry where I hoped to reboot my career. Netchannels was able to open doors and pave the way for me, garnering me interviews with decision makers, helping me prepare, and affording me the opportunities I needed. I was able to get back into tech, working with a great team, and have greatly expanded my circle of contacts in the industry through Netchannels!”

– Laura Cooper

Netchannels brought me back to cloud services, and gave me the opportunity to work with a really strong and strategic team. I was fortunate to work with both the CenturyLink and the Netchannels teams, and to grow my channel resources. While this is a business partnership, I have gained a mentor and a friend, whose guidance I trust and admire.”

– Cynthia Pyun

I was a military spouse living in a part of the country not conducive to work in the high-tech field. Netchannels was willing and able to work with me so I could work remotely. I appreciate the opportunity that Netchannels gave me I am grateful to Netchannels for working with me and my situation.”

– Erin Stanley

Netchannels offers many women a foot back in the door after having taken time off for personal reasons. While some companies won’t look at your resume when there have been any gaps, Netchannels will give everyone an opportunity based upon your skills. What you do with that opportunity is up to you!”

– Anne Blomquist

Working for Netchannels has been a rewarding experience. I appreciate the transparency Catrine provides. As a contractor, it’s expected to never get too comfortable in any role/opportunity as it could end anytime at the discretion of the employer. I’ve been contracting for Netchannels for 1 1/2 years now and I’m nothing but grateful for the opportunity.

Personally, working for Netchannels has helped improve my family’s quality of life, contributed to lasting memories by being able to take my family on a much-needed vacation and has contributed towards my goal to be debt free. This is my first time working as a 1099-contractor. In the beginning, I knew I had to make a few adjustments. It requires extreme discipline and taught me to reevaluate my personal finances and spending habits while making sure to save and plan for anticipated taxes and expenses.

Working for Netchannels has been not only a rewarding but a fulfilling experience that will have long term effects on the client and myself.”

– Faaae Laiafa

In 2012 after I took early retirement, Netchannels reached out to offer me a great opportunity to re-enter the work force, working for them from my home office as a contractor. Netchannels placed me with a high-tech company in a position was exciting and challenging. I got to expand and utilize my business skills and extend my working career. I also had an opportunity to meet and work with other incredible Netchannels professionals. Netchannels not only provides guidance, but is always ready and willing to encourage and provide new opportunities for women like me. Over the years I have found a mentor and friend in Catrine Charron.”

– Terry Cabral

After leaving a company I’d worked at for two decades, I found myself going from one job assignment to another. I was being underpaid, underutilized, and most importantly undervalued. I knew I had so much to offer a company but was completely discouraged. Then, through a friend, I was introduced to Netchannels and almost immediately my life changed. They valued my background and work experience and connected me with a smart, dynamic team at a prestigious networking company. My five years at Netchannels were a turning point in my life. I cannot say enough about how they supported me, guided me, and championed me behind the scenes. Without them, I would never be in the position I am today. I am eternally grateful and would recommend them highly to anyone.”

– Kelly McHale