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Netchannels helps high tech companies design, develop, and execute a wide spectrum of growth strategies including: Geographic Expansion, Channel Development, & New Product Introduction.

We focus on digital business transformation bringing value proposition to decision makers, leveraging customer-generated data, and engaging influencers to become advocates. We execute programs flawlessly including Channel programs, Events, Content Development, Project Management, and Sales Operations programs to name a few.

Marketing Services


Route-to-market approach that leverages customer-generated data, focuses on personalization, and engages influencers

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Design channel marketing programs for all types of partners

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Beyond just traditional training

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The total experience a customer has whenever he or she interacts with the company

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Those who encourage their customers to engage are most likely to succeed

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Because connected customers are informed purchasers, we look at customer experience as a crucial element of success

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The number one failure of social marketing implementation lies in the silos of the organization

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Ability to creatively articulate product positioning and company messages for multiple audiences

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Scale your marketing organization without the burden of additional headcount

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Execution is probably one of the most valuable functions in a marketing organization. The talent of the project manager can make a program successful or disastrous. We often take for granted the qualities required to deliver a flawless execution: Attention to details Superior organization skills Excellent verbal and written communications Leadership skills Clear and concise delivery of directions Efficient meeting moderator Outstanding time management skills Adopting a "yes" attitude Anticipating the unknown Quickly correcting the mistakes to minimize negative impact Focusing on the positive Rallying…

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Netchannels helps High Tech businesses bring solutions to market, build channels,and contribute to revenue growth with strong branding, market presence, and sales enablement. Here are a few of our clients:

Why should you do things differently

Individuals want different kinds of content at different stages of their research and purchase process. Therefore, context is essential and the more businesses know about the audience, the more appropriately they can tailor the interactions. With over 80% of online content being generated by users, businesses are turning to their communities to develop marketing content that has value and can be shared. We offer consulting services and actionable programs aimed at strengthening the relationship between brands and customers.

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Marketing Insights

"Anyone with a story to tell can command an audience on the Web"

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About Netchannels

Netchannels combines expertise with high tech companies from large corporations to small start-up ventures with an acute passion for new technologies and marketing approaches.

Company Background

Since 1995, Netchannels has helped High Tech businesses bring solutions to market, build channels, and contribute to revenue growth with strong branding, market presence, and sales enablement.

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