Operational Excellence

Data Analytics

Automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are the revolution of business processes and transformation. We have core experts in these areas that can help you analyze business problems, provide breakthrough insight and the innovative solutioning needed to improve performance

Marketing Operations

This core function is essential to any organization. Let us bring our expertise and provide the necessary information to keep you on course. Return on investment is the No. 1 priority for our clients.

M&A Integration

Industry specific experience is a must here! This individual is considered a high functioning Program Manager comfortable with aggressive timelines, ambiguity, fantastically organized and culturally intelligent. Netchannels has talents who bring these traits together, with over 10 years’ integration experience presiding over 45 acquisitions, with sales in excess of $2B.

Customer Experience

The overall customer experience across all stakeholders in an organization is becoming increasingly critical. At Netchannels, our contractors are focused on keeping pace with customer experience improvements, anticipating and understanding customer needs, collecting the right data, and implementing self-service and social media engagements. Guaranteed to propel growth exponentially!

Sales Operations

The foundation of sales acceleration lies with the sales rep and the operations manager working together (so understands the pressures, urgency, different and sometimes difficult personalities). Strategize to put together a deal that meets both parties’ needs, help get it approved internally, and then negotiate with the customer on terms and some contract drafting.

Scaling organization

If you are seeking to transform your core business and operations, we are equipped to prepare you for growth and maximize operational efficiency. We can provide an on-demand workforce, quickly enabling and distributing workers, as well as disperse when the projects are complete. Our Netchannels’ team is here to help you design and run impactful, transformational business operations programs.