Deliver content and transfer knowledge to internal employees via the three principles of gaming: Rewards, Status, and Achievement


Develop a custom program to engage employees across a combination of communications vehicles: Website, enterprise application, social media, and mobile experiences where they voluntarily participate to play and keep playing a game where they learn product content. Combine on-going knowledge transfer with product launches over a period of several quarters.


Custom application developed for your company (Cloud-based gamification engine)

  • Administration and design: create, measure, deploy the game
  • Rules: Goal-setting, competition, and rewards
  • Analytics: Behavior tracking, what motivates users
  • Mechanics: Points, Levels, Achievements, Rewards, Missions, Leaderboard, Notifications, Badges

Communications and Tools Development (Design and Development)

  • Portal
  • Social Pages
  • Mobile App
  • Convert content into Videos, WebPages, PDFs etc… when appropriate for easy viewing and absorption

Program Management

  • Content Gathering: PDFs, Videos, Webpages…
  • Development of Quizzes and multiple choice questions
  • Project Management
  • Reporting feedback and results in an on-going basis
  • Assess and re-direct when needed


  • Tangible rewards
  • Non Tangible rewards
  • Recognition

Integration with Internal Sales Conference

  • Quizzes can be made available before the summit to engage the users with content as pre-work, and can also be made available throughout the conference using unlock codes or quiz progression logic where completing one quiz unlocks the next.
  • Pre-summit on-boarding: Portal launch, Mobile app, Social page
  • Kick-off game at Conference: Tools and communications. Quizzes can be made immediately available to all players during the conference at any time or hidden until unlocked by users with a code distributed in breakout sessions, conference publications, keynote talks, twitter, etc.
  • Reinforce learning of conference content and ensure attention during sessions: A public leader board motivates players to succeed and creates a competitive conference environment that encourages conference attendees to re-engage with the app throughout the conference.

Gamification can also be used to transfer knowledge to resellers or customers.
Netchannels works with a gamification partner to provide the software platform that is required for the execution of the marketing strategy. We package the project and manage the campaign from A to Z with our customer.