Environmental Sustainability

Netchannels is committed to respecting the environment and we express it in the way we do business. For 23 years now, Netchannels has run a virtual office where all employees, independent contractors, and management work from their own home office. Through technology, we have considerably improved our business processes and virtual collaboration. We use tools such as:

  • Shared dashboards, shared calendars, shared document platform
  • Video conferencing software
  • Application sharing software such as our Candidate Recruitment software
  • Unified communications including instant messaging
  • Electronic Data Exchange transactions

All allowing us to reduce our CO2 footprint by:

  • Not driving on congested freeways
  • Reduce usage of paper, printing, storage, filing, postage
  • Fast and accurate transactions avoiding to re-do
  • Automation of tasks replacing paper-based processes

Netchannels always thrives to incorporate more technology to improve and refine our environmental sustainability.