Customer Experience

Customer Retention is the new Customer Acquisition. Therefore, the customer experience has a huge impact on business. Netchannels helps companies look at their customer experience in a strategic and disciplined way involving multiple departments within the organization.


  • Customers research product information online and have access to large amount of data
  • Customers are less likely to be influenced by traditional advertising but instead pay greater attention to other customers’ testimonials
  • Brand-loyalty is highly correlated to revenue
  • The World is always “on”: Customers are mobile – are you?


Analysis: the starting point

  • Web analytics and interviews
  • Customer Service data – where do the problems occur?
  • Identify weaknesses in your online and physical channels
  • Who owns customer experience in the organization?
  • How strong or weak is your CRM environment?

Generation C: the Connected Customer

  • Segmentation is not by demographics but by behaviors. What are the common behaviors?
  • Who do your customers listen to?
  • How do influencers gather their data?
  • What are customer saying about your brand?

Brand: (see branding section)

  • Attributes
  • Promises
  • Delivery

Strategy development

  • Define the CX strategy: Digital, Mobile, and Corporate
  • Identify presence at touch points
  • Involve all of the organization: consider employee reward program
  • Develop specific KPIs for measurement
  • Establish processes to address Customer issues – Operations is at the heart of CX
  • Executive buy-in and support


Adopt new Technologies

  • Analytics: Web Trends
  • Listen: Radian6, Ideabox (salesforce), ScoutLabs (Lithium)
  • Identify Influencers: Buzzstream, PeerIndex, Kred, Klout
  • Social Collaboration: Crowdtap
  • Trending: Dachis Group, TrendSpottr
  • Business Intelligence: Sysomos
  • Customer Satisfaction measurements: NetPromoter
  • Customer input: BazzarVoice
  • Customer Service: Lithium

Adapt to customers’ input

  • Product Innovation
  • Redefine customer service
  • Redefine SEO and SEM Marketing
  • Engage in Collaborative marketing
  • Monitor and correct


  • It’s not about the number impressions or exposure. It’s about collaboration
  • The customer is now part of your marketing department and the social business impacts affect the entire organization
  • Positive customer experience will translate in repeat purchases but most of all advocates for your offering
  • Negative customer experience will translate in lower brand perception and lost revenue to competition
  • Stellar customer service will translate in a decrease in service calls and transaction cost