Contingent Workforce: the New Era of Talents

Netchannels offers a very efficient and cost-effective way to scale your marketing organization without the burden of additional headcount. Too often does a marketing department need to deliver programs or manage events-product launches at specific times of the year. We help you scale through a pool of highly talented individuals who can become part of your organization overnight and deliver the services you need for a definite period of time.

Benefits of outsourcing

  1. Instant talent on board
  2. No recruitment efforts
  3. No headcount
  4. Flexible resource
  5. Pay-as-you need
  6. Rapidly scale up
  7. Multi-talent pool
  8. Multi-language pool

Services tailored to your needs

Onsite versus offsite presence:
Either our Netchannels freelance contractors sit in your office and works side-by-side with your marketing department or he/she can work from their own virtual office.

Part time versus full time

Many clients realize that executing programs is not always a full time job. Yet, should they hire their own staff they will need to commit to a full time permanent employment. We let you choose how many hours per week you need or the talent can work on a project-basis.

Level of experience

If you need to combine in depth knowledge in a field with administrative or repetitive tasks, we can accommodate your requirements. You benefit from a pool of talents who can deliver in-depth knowledge to simple administrative functions.

Flexible and easy to request

If you want to scale up now and need a quote or evaluation, please just fill out the form below or call us at 510-595-7331

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