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Netchannels helps high tech companies with Route-to-Market Strategies focusing on customer experience, brand advocacy, inbound marketing, and invigorating communities.

We enable organizations to transform their brand promotion from outdated outbound marketing to customer engagement, collaboration, and advocacy. Self-sustained communities are your social capital - so let's start the conversation.

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Customer retention is the new customer acquisition. Here is how we do it:


Execution is probably one of the most valuable functions in a marketing organization making a program successful or disastrous. We often take for granted the qualities required to deliver a flawless execution. Let us show you how we implement marketing programs through all aspects of production.>>

Project Execution


Netchannels helps High Tech businesses bring solutions to market, build channels,and contribute to revenue growth with strong branding, market presence, and sales enablement. Here are a few of our clients:

Why should you do thing differently?

Individuals want different kinds of content at different stages of their research and purchase process. Therefore, context is essential and the more businesses know about the audience, the more appropriately they can tailor the interactions.

With over 80% of online content being generated by users, businesses are turning to their communities to develop marketing content that has value and can be shared.

The following consulting services and actionable programs are aimed at strengthening the relationship between brands and customers by developing self-sustained communities that will become your

"Anyone with a story to tell can command an audience on the Web"

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Netchannels combines expertise with high tech companies from large corporations to small start-up ventures with an acute passion for new technologies and marketing approaches.


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